Frozen tilapia (illustrative)
Frozen tilapia (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Health Ministry on Thursday night recalled hamburgers and frozen tilapia.

The tilapia, sold by Dagei Tnuva, has a barcode of 7290000644684 and a sell-by date of November 30, 2019. In a post on its Facebook page, the Ministry wrote that the product "has an uncharacteristic smell and aftertaste."

"All of the other Dagei Tnuva products, including the ice-covered frozen tilapia fillet with other expiration dates, are fine and safe to use," the Ministry emphasized.

The Beef Burger meat, sold by Sheva Tzla'ot, comes in packages of 120 grams and has a barcode of 209883. The meat is suspected of salmonella contamination.

"The public is asked not to use these products," the post concluded.