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The Echad l’Echad Foundation, founded and headed by Rav Yitzchak Neriya, supports those dedicated to Torah learning in national religious institutions throughout Israel, and assists needy families within the religious Zionist community. The foundation started its operations in 2009 and is one of the projects of the “Torah beTzion” institution.

Echad l’Echad’s basic principle is that producing Torah leaders who recognize their mission, as well as Zionism and connecting to the community are a national mission.

Currently, Echad l’Echad runs two main projects – the “Outstanding Avreichim” project as well as support for needy avreichim and their families before the holidays. Avrechim are married Yeshiva students who combine family life and dedicated Torah study.

The “Outstanding Avreichim” Project pinpoints the next generation of religious Zionist Torah leaders and grants them respectable scholarships. The goal of this is to allow these “top” avreichim to persevere in their studies with the aim of building the future generation of religious Zionist leaders.

The avreichim are chosen from all of the religious Zionist yeshivot throughout Israel. They are handpicked by their Roshei Yeshivot, in which each Rosh Yeshiva is given a quota of avreichim to choose according to the number of students in his particular yeshiva.

Echad l’Echad’s second project, supporting needy avreichim and their families, was Echad l’Echad’s first project, beginning back in 2009. Echad l’Echad supports needy families as well as families of avreichim throughout the spectrum of the religious Zionist yeshivot in Israel. This support is provided to thousands of avreichim twice a year, before Rosh Hashana and before Pesach, and is not only financial help, rather it is a warm hug from the community at large to those dedicated to Torah learning, for their toil is for the sake of all of us.

Our support is very expansive and includes all of the different types of avreichim within the religious Zionist spectrum.

As opposed to the support given to “top” avreichim in which the criteria there is excellence and learning potential, in this project, the criteria is based on level of need and financial stability of the one requesting the support.

After an avreich submits a request, the request is checked thoroughly first by his Rosh Yeshiva, after which by representatives of Echad l’Echad and finally by Rav Yitzchak Neriya, head of the foundation. The amount of support is granted according to the level of need of each avreich.

Each avreich that submits a request receives a stipend before Rosh Hashana and before Pesach in which the amount varies between 1,000 to 2,000 shekel according to his financial need as well as the amount of donations received by the foundation.

Click here to donate to Echad l’Echad and help sweeten a family’s upcoming holiday