Fatah praises Har Adar terrorist
Fatah praises Har Adar terroristofficial Fatah Facebook page

Following Palestinian Media Watch's two major reports and a two-week public pressure campaign, Fatah's terror promoting Facebook page is closed as of this morning. PMW's campaign started in February this year when we released a detailed report about Fatah's Facebook page documenting its terror glorification and incitement to violence during 2018. The report showed that Fatah's content was in direct violation of Facebook's guidelines. Inexplicably, Facebook refused to close the page at that time.

PMW followed up with a new report released earlier this month, documenting the terror promoting content on Fatah's Facebook page during the first 6 months of 2019, which was likewise sent to Facebook. In addition, PMW also launched a public social media campaign with many partner organizations worldwide, developed by volunteers at ACT-IL, which was aimed at Facebook's directors, urging them to close down Fatah's page. The campaign included daily tweets and Facebook posts showing Fatah's terror promoting content on Facebook, and also included a public campaign through which individuals and organizations sent a pre-written letter of protest to Facebook. Thousands of ACT-IL activists from 74 countries and other PMW partner organizations sent thousands of emails to Facebook's policy directors, and made thousands of reports directly on the page through Facebook.

PMW thanked ACT-IL and their thousands of volunteers and the many other partners, organizations, and individuals who joined PMW in this project to close down Fatah's Facebook page. With your help we eliminated the terror promotion, and saved lives.

Already yesterday, Fatah was alarmed by PMW's campaign. Fatah posted three different items about the campaign against its Facebook page, refusing to refer to Palestinian Media Watch by name, preferring to call us "the occupation," a term it often uses to refer to Israel.

Fatah posted copies of PMW's posts calling to close the Fatah page, in which they accused PMW of inciting against them and asked its followers to "support the page."