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Senior US officials have expressed frustration at the political deadlock in Israel, which they say could lead to Israel losing out on significant opportunities.

The officials did not specify steps that Israel would have taken if there was a functioning government, but the comments were made regarding the Trump administration's proposed peace deal.

"Israel could've been in a better situation. We could have done a lot more," Israel Hayom quoted the officials as saying.

They emphasized that US President Donald Trump, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and former US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt truly care about Israel, have already done things for Israel during Trump's presidency, and would like to continue.

"However," they said, "We can't know if they'll remain in their positions for one more year or for five years."

They added: "Everything is under control, and new developments will not cause changes to the peace deal."

According to Israel Hayom, it seems that the Trump administration plans to delay publishing the peace plan until Israel's political situation becomes clearer. The administration also believes there is no point in publishing the plan if the Palestinian Authority will reject it outright and Israel has no functioning government which can respond to it.

The US Embassy in Israel turned down Israel Hayom's request for comment.