Hamas operatives prepare incendiary balloons
Hamas operatives prepare incendiary balloons iStock

The Southern District Attorney's Office today in Beersheba District Court indicted four Hamas operatives for a series of state security offenses.

According to the facts in the indictment filed by Adv. Einat Blenero, the defendants - Frej Abu Dahar (29), Malek Abu Mendil (28), Mahmoud Awidat (25), and Ramadan Abu Ghula (24) joined the Hamas Islamic organization and as part of their activities on numerous occasions from 2016 to 2019, took place in riots on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, set fire to tires, threw rocks and firebombs, and threw pipe bombs near the border fence, to harm the IDF soldiers located in Israel and interfere with their operations.

They also worked with other squad members to launch dozens of incendiary balloons and kites from Gaza into Israeli territory to burn fields in the Gaza area.

The indictment also shows that the accused were planning to infiltrate into Israeli territory, each of them bringing a knife or other weapon with him, in order to be arrested by security forces and not return to the Gaza Strip.

On August 30, at around 2:00 pm, the accused crossed the Gaza-Israel border fence. One of them cut the fence as the defendants slipped under it and entered Israel. Subsequently, they were arrested by IDF forces carrying two knives and a grenade on their persons.

The indictment attributes to the defendants, each by his own part, the offenses of committing acts for and membership in a terror organization, rioting, attempted aggravated terror, firearm-related activity, arson attempts, damage to property, infiltration, prohibited military training, conspiracy to commit crime (murder), and more.

The Prosecutor's Office filed a motion to extend the remand of the operatives until the end of legal proceedings against them.