UTJ supporter?
UTJ supporter?iStock

Saudi Israel fan Mohammed Saud has called on Israeli citizens to vote for the Right-leaning parties, warning that "the situation is difficult; Netanyahu must form the government."

"Dear Citizens of Israel," Saud's plea begins in his self-taught, near-fluent Hebrew. "Go out to vote; the Likud, Shas, Torah Judaism, Yamina. The situation is difficult. Netanyahu must form the government."

Saud was part of a delegation of media personalities from Arab countries who arrived in Israel at the invitation of the Foreign Ministry in July. The delegation visited sites such as Yad Vashem and the Knesset.

While visiting the Temple Mount, fellow Muslims verbally attacked Saud, spat at him, and threw chairs at him.

Saud's Twitter account contains the disclaimer: "Represent My Personal Opinion Only & Have Nothing to do With Politics Definitively #Blogger (#likud)(#ליכוד) #peace_activist (#רק_ביבי) (#only_Bibi)".