Hanan Meltzer
Hanan Meltzer Flash 90

Chairman of the Central Elections Committee Hanan Melcer turned down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request for an emergency meeting on Sunday.

Netanyahu had requested a meeting with Melcer on Saturday night in the wake of a Maariv investigative report on Friday that revealed widespread voter fraud in the Arab sector in the April elections.

The committee stated on Sunday that following Netanyahu's request to meet with Melcer, other party leaders demanded to meet with him as well.

"According to the opinion of most of the members of the committee, it was decided not to meet personally with the prime minister or with any of the party leaders," the committee stated. "This is due to the tight schedule and the fact that the committee is not an investigative body and does not have the authority to instruct the police."

"It should be noted that Melcer and the committee itself worked tirelessly with the police and state prosecution to speed up the investigation."

The statement added that "the prime minister and all other party leaders who are interested can appeal to the committee in writing."

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