Gaza Flash 90

Khalil al-Hayya, a member of Hamas' political bureau and one of the group’s senior leaders in Gaza, warned on Saturday that the "Israeli occupation" will pay a very high price if it attacks Gaza.

Al-Hayya noted that the statements made in Israel regarding an Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip are part of the election campaign and do not scare the Palestinian “resistance organizations”.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Channel 13 News on Saturday night that “if Hamas does not take control of [Gaza], there will be no option other than to act systematically. Maybe that means a war. I look the residents of the south in the eye, and I understand their distress."

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said last Sunday that Israel's conflict with the terrorist organizations in Gaza is close to reaching the tipping point and warned that in the next campaign “it is clear that the top leaders of the terrorist organizations will be wiped out and its force destroyed.”

Al-Hayya, who spoke to the Hamas-affiliated Felesteen newspaper, also said that Netanyahu's declaration of his intention to annex the Jordan Valley would not have been made had it not been for the Oslo Accords that paved the way for the expansion of the settlements.

The Oslo Accords, said the senior Hamas member, have failed and their initiators must openly acknowledge that in order to get back on the path of “resistance” against Israel.

"We do not recognize (the occupation) and we work day and night to bring it to an end in our land and have the refugees return to their land from which they were expelled," said al-Hayya.