From right: Fox, Dermer, and Edelstein,
From right: Fox, Dermer, and Edelstein, IDF Spokesperson

Brigadier General Yehuda Fox took up his new position as defense attache in Washington, United States yesterday (Tuesday).

Fox replaced Gen. Mickey Edelstein, who served in the position for the past three years.

The role exchange ceremony was held in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer, officers and family.

"The cooperation between the IDF and the US Department of Defense extends to many issues," said the outgoing defense attache Edelstein.

"For the past three years, we have witnessed strategic changes in the Middle East that have opened up new challenges for the State of Israel. Some of these challenges are strategic, and some are challenges that will become such in the future.

"Not surprisingly," Edelstein continued, "some of these challenges are shared by the United States and Israel. The special character of these challenges has forced the IDF and the State of Israel to re-adjust the way we define our goals and accomplish our tasks. We had to develop new concepts and processes about how we collaborate while considering and taking into account the other party's goals accordingly."

"My friends Yehuda and Lilach Fox, Yehuda I have known for many years, through a number of roles in which he has commanded forces in complex missions and operations with great success, while making unique contributions. I am happy for the IDF and the Israeli Embassy that you are the man to take the reins. I am sure you will know how to strengthen this relationship for many years to come. I wish you every success, for your sake and for the Fox family."

"The role of defense attache in the United States brings with him tremendous responsibility and great respect," said Brigadier General Yehudah Fox. "We are gathered here this evening to honor a commander, a soldier, a leader and an exceptional friend. Mickey, I would like to express my personal and professional appreciation for the role you have played."