An IDF helicopter evacuated soldiers from the northern border to Rambam Hospital in Haifa on Sunday afternoon following the firing of anti-aircraft missiles from Lebanon towards Israel by Hezbollah despite the fact that soldiers were uninjured.

The IDF wanted to create a "fog" on the Lebanese side to allow Hezbollah to flaunt its achievement and meanwhile carried out a massive assault on Hezbollah.

In Israel, it was hoped that granting an "achievement" to Hezbollah would allow the incident to end quickly and prevent a deterioration to war.

Videos showing the helicopter with the injured soldiers were distributed on social media, and about an hour after the incident an IDF spokesman officially announced that there were no casualties among IDF soldiers.

"Soldiers who arrived by helicopter were examined in the Rambam emergency room and released without medical treatment," an official hospital statement said.

After the attack and the assassination of terrorists, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "At this moment I can announce important news - we have no casualties. No one was wounded – not even a scratch."

Earlier on Sunday, the IDF reported: "Two hours ago, a number of anti-aircraft missiles were fired from Lebanon toward an IDF base and a military vehicle in the town of Avivim. A number of hits have been confirmed. The IDF responded with artillery fire toward the source of the fire, aircrafts attacked the anti-aircraft squad."

"The IDF continues to maintain a high level of preparedness - defensive and offensive - for a wide range of scenarios. The restrictions on the civilian area have been removed, with the exception of agricultural work close to the perimeter fence."