Pompeo meets Hariri
Pompeo meets Hariri Reuters

Lebanon has reached out to both the US and France, urging the two countries to intervene following a major escalation between Israel and the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah Sunday.

Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri spoke with an advisor to French President Emmanuel Macron and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Sunday after Hezbollah terrorists operating out of southern Lebanon fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles into northern Israel.

Israel said multiple anti-tank missiles had been fired at IDF vehicles and an army base near the northern Israeli town of Avivim Sunday.

According to the IDF, the terrorists scored multiple hits, which Hezbollah claimed destroyed an IDF tank, killing an injuring the crew inside.

Following the attack, Israeli aircraft struck targets in southern Lebanon, while IDF artillery opened fire on Hezbollah positions.

Prime Minister Hariri appealed to France and the US to intervene following the escalation, Reuters reported.

During his talks with US and French officials, Hariri requested assistance from the two countries "and the international community in facing the developments on the southern border," AFP reported.

The Hezbollah attack comes two days after the terror group vowed to attack Israel following an alleged Israeli attack on a facility in Beirut on August 25th.

A report by Kuwait's Al Rai claimed that Hezbollah planned to strike Israeli targets within 72 hours, beginning last Friday.

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