Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedArutz Sheva

Yamina Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked responded to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's attacks on her party, which he said during a Facebook Live on Friday.

"I call on Netanyahu to immediately cease his campaign against Yamina, and to focus on enlarging the bloc. Netanyahu's attacks on us in the previous elections prevented the right-wing bloc from having a 61-seat majority. Netanyahu - don't repeat the same mistake."

"By the way, Netanyahu, in your place I would use the scalpel mostly to bring back the right-wing votes you lost to [Yisrael Beytenu Chairman MK Avigdor] Liberman."

On Friday, Netanyahu claimed that "it takes force" to extract from Yamina members a promise to recommend Netanyahu for prime minister after the elections. "They're always coughing and stuttering, it's hard for them to say they'll recommend Netanyahu after the elections. Both of them were already in a fraternal alliance with Lapid and who knows what they will do this time."

"But why get to that? Those who want me as Prime Minister and those who want a right-wing government should vote Likud. It doesn't matter if they get 8 seats or 10. I respect Orit Strook, but it is more important that I will form a right-wing government and that we avoid a left-wing government."