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Even as the family of Dvir Sorek sat shiva in their home in Ofra, a new initiative was being established to commemorate his life and memory.

The family decided to embark on a mass funding campaign with the aim of setting up a new hall in memory of Dvir in the synagogue where he prayed. As part of the campaign, a recorded message made by Dvir, sent to his friend Ariel, was publicized. In the recording, Dvir can be heard singing an excerpt from the prayers of the High Holidays.

The cost of the building is NIS 1.5 million, and the family hopes to start construction in the next few days.

The recording was sent to Dvir's friend, Ariel Shalom, who studied with him at a yeshiva and was his roommate. Dvir sings a text from the sources with music he composed himself. The recording was sent about three months ago and was the last recording made by Dvir before the murder.

Ariel, Dvir's friend, said "Every word in the recording shows how much Dvir was a good, loving, special, caring friend, one who touched your heart. There aren't many friends like that."

Dvir Sorek was murdered last week while making his way back to the yeshiva where he is studied in Gush Etzion after purchasing an end-of-term gift to his teachers at the yeshiva. He was attacked and murdered by two terrorists who allegedly ambushed him and then fled the scene. Dvir's body was given to his family.

After multiple efforts by IDF forces, the Shin Bet, and the police arrested the two terrorists suspected of committing the murder. Dvir's parents decided to donate his corneas.

The decision to set up a memorial for Dvir was made with the thought and desire of his family and close friends to continue his spirit and special personality. One of his friends said "Dvir was all light. Every man near or far enjoys the joy and goodness he has spread. The synagogue in the community was his place of prayer from birth to murder and the most natural thing for us is to set up a temple in his synagogue. "

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