Yahya Sinwar
Yahya SinwarReuters

Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, met Tuesday night with residents of Gaza's Khan Yunis to talk about Blue and White leader MK Benny Gantz's statements, Israel Hayom reported.

"I call on Benny Gantz to remember how the IDF failed in its conflict with residents of eastern Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, when he was Chief of Staff," Sinwar said. "During the next conflict with Israel, we will rain hundreds of rockets in a single barrage."

Sinwar also said that his terror organization is not interested in war or in another round of military conflict, Israel Hayom noted. However, he also emphasized that "our fighters and heroic activists in the military arm are gathering strength, digging tunnels, and protecting our ability to fire hundreds of rockets at Israel."

Praising the Hamas terrorist from the organization's "Restraining Force" who crossed the border into Israel two weeks ago and injured three IDF soldiers, Sinwar said he had done an "act of courage" and called on Gaza youths to "walk in the footsteps of the holy shahids (martyrs)."

He added that Hamas leadership will discuss with Gaza residents the implementation of "the large nationalist plans - the plan for the Marches of Return," which Sinwar said will begin the weekend after Eid al-Adha.