The central business district of Sydney was put on lockdown, Tuesday afternoon, after a man allegedly stabbed pedestrians there.

7News reports civilians captured the alleged assailant.

The stabber shouted "Allahu akhbar" and that statement will be taken into consideration during the investigation.

The stabber also shouted that he "wants to die" and asked to be shot.

Footage shows that the the stabber was attacked by passersby, one of whom grabbed a chair in an attempt to fight. When he understood that he was under attack by those he had attempted to attack, the attacker escaped the scene, only to be apprehended by the police.

One victim, a young woman stabbed in a hotel, is in stable condition. Another individual whose body was found in a nearby unit, has been declared a victim of the stabbing attack.

The danger to the public is over, The Guardian reported.

"The threat to the community has been negated and I want to make that very, very clear," police told a press conference.

"We are in the infancy stage of the stabbing investigation. There are a number of crime scenes. They are being thoroughly investigated by investigative and forensic staff as we speak and the investigation is ongoing."

Police believe the attacker worked alone and had mental health issues.

According to The Guardian, the stabber is expected to be charged with homicide and assault. A thumb drive in his possession included white supremacist material.