Shaked pays shiva call
Shaked pays shiva call spokesperson

United Right leader Ayelet Shaked arrived in the community of Ofra Sunday to pay a Shiva call to the family of Dvir Sorek, the student who was murdered in a stabbing attack last week.

Shaked told the family, "Dvir was an amazing boy who symbolized what we shared and not what separates us. His horrific murder shook us all and touched everyone in the nation of Israel."

"The abominable killers who took it from us want to break our spirits and subdue our existence in the Land of Israel through terrorism, this will not happen," she added.

Shaked also addressed the violence on the Temple Mount. "Uri Zvi Greenberg said, 'whoever controls the Temple Mount controls the entire land of Israel.' On such a day [as Tisha B'Av], a sovereign state should allow its citizens to go up to the Temple Mount."

"Closing the Temple Mount to Jews because of threats of violence is the act that leads to violence. When you surrender to terror, then terror wins," she said.

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