​Yoav's Sorek, the breaved father of Dvir who was killed by terrorists in Gush Etzion responded to the capture of his son's murderers:

"We thank the security forces for the quick action to ​capture​ the terrorists, although we are sorry ​that they were caught alive. We are glad that Dvir did not see the faces of his murderers, and we ​hope not ​to ​see them ​n​either now or at trial.

The main task of the security forces is to fight terror, and we strengthen their hands in this difficult task."

Dvir Sorek, a hesder student at Ohr Torah Mahanayim, was murdered Wednesday in Gush Etzion. Dvir was a peace activist who believed in coexistence.

On Saturday, the IDF announced that security forces had apprehended two terrorists suspected of involvement in his murder.

credit: דובר צה"ל
credit: דובר צה"ל