Achiman, Rosenblatt, and Fruman
Achiman, Rosenblatt, and Fruman Eliran Aharon

Rabbi Sharel Rosenblatt, Rabbi Yossi Froman, and Yinon Achiman of Ohr Torah Machanaim spoke this morning following the murder of the yeshiva student Dvir Sorek.

Rabbi Sharel Rosenblatt noted, "We're all hurting; hurting, sad, and our hearts are broken over a dear and beloved student who was taken from us, who was murdered in cold blood. Dvir Sorek, a student who from the moment he entered the yeshiva with his embracing eyes, his sweet peyot, his love of Torah, his love of mankind, his melodies and poetry that enveloped us all in magic, was beloved by all students."

"It is a great loss for the family; of course, we embrace them and send them all our love, and to Yeshivat Machanaim and Ohr Torah Stone. It's a great loss to Israeli society, a person who truly loved people," he added.

Rabbi Yossi Froman, who was Dvir's teacher, stressed that he did not want to deal with the details of the incident: "What matters is that a person who was full of love was taken. He came to us as a person full of love, we just tried to raise him and bring such a soldier to the army and then such a civilian to the service of Israeli society."

He says Dvir was "connected to the land, to these landscapes we see here, that are connected to Israeli society. I think that love will prevail and these monsters will lose."

"הלב שלנו שבור על תלמיד יקר ואהוב"