Ambulance (illustrative)
Ambulance (illustrative) Hadar Luz, TPS

There was an improvement in the condition of the sisters who were severely injured in the car accident in Kiryat Gat, a spokesperson for Soroka Hospital said.

The road accident, which occurred on Saturday, injured the sisters and both their parents, and is believed to have occurred when driver Shai Tamasa veered from his lane and drove onto the sidewalk, where the family was walking.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Director Dr. Zahi Lazar said, "The 7-year-old sister is no longer sedated, and her breathing is assisted with non-invasive respiratory support. She's talking and communicating with family and medical staff. The 5-year-old sister is still under sedation and on artificial respiration. There was a slight improvement in her condition, and she is stable."

The condition of the family's mother has improved and is now defined as light. The father's condition continues to be very serious, and he is sedated and breathing with a respirator, and is now in the general intensive care unit.

Earlier this week, two young women gave testimony in the Kiryat Gat police station, saying they were with the 22-year-old driver suspected of ramming into the family.

Tamasa's arrest has been extended by four days, and a police representative said that he "got behind the wheel after a night full of alcohol, which ended just minutes before he got into his vehicle. His blood levels showed 1450 micrograms, 29 times the permitted alcohol level."

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