Bennett Flash 90

Former Minister Naftali Bennett, one of the heads of the United Right, rejected claims that he caused the failure of an alliance with Itamar Ben Gvir's Otzma Yehudit party.

"It is not true that I torpedoed the entry of Otzma Yehudit," Bennett told Effie Trigger on Galei Tzahal. “It’s a lie.”

Bennett joined the Likud's direct attack on Liberman as someone who has removed himself from the right-wing camp. "Anyone who wants Right should not approach Avigdor Liberman with a ten-foot pole. He will bring about the establishment of a left-wing government," Bennett stated.

As for the United Party's recommendation to the president, Bennett made clear that "We will recommend Netanyahu, what happens within the Likud does not interest us."

On the issue of immunity, Bennett said: "Immunity is a possibility in the existing law. When we know the facts in the case against Netanyahu - we will make a decision."