The police deceived a 13-year-old girl by impersonating a postal employee to issue an administrative order to her brother. Yesterday afternoon, A., a 13-year-old girl, answered a phone call at her home. The caller identification number was blocked and the caller introduced himself as an employee of Israel Post.

"He identified himself with the Israel Post, asked which family I came from, and I answered him. Then he said, 'I have a package for X' (her older brother's name). I told him it was my brother."

Then the caller began to draw the girl into conversation: "He asked, 'Are you on this street and is that number 6?' I replied that it was, but number 8. He replied that he had a package to deliver to my brother and asked, 'Is he at home?' "I replied that he was and at the end of the conversation he said, 'We'll come between six and eight'."

A. said that her brother, a 17-year-old boy against whom an administrative order was issued that included expulsion from Judea and Samaria, was next to her during the conversation.

When the conversation ended, she told him that Israel Post wanted to send him a package. According to her, her brother suspected they were policemen, and replied "Let's hope it's not the police."

"A quarter of an hour later, my brother left the building in the direction of the yeshiva and was surrounded by policemen, and they gave him another administrative order, this time with the prohibition of contacting 20 people. I felt guilty, like I brought it on my brother," she added.

"I felt like it was my fault. I'm angry at the police. It's not nice that they trick you like that, and that the police should lie to me to do their job. They did not ask one of the parents, or someone who was an adult. They took advantage of the fact that a girl answered the phone and got out the information without identifying themselves."

However, she added, "My brother isn't angry with me, he understands there was nothing I could do."

The Honeinu legal aid organization said in response that "the Israel Police is breaking its own record with the perverse methods in which it fights minors. Bibi Netanyahu is solely responsible for the Shin Bet, and he knows and signs.

"The administrative orders that are issued wholesale to young people in Judea and Samaria are a crime. They find without judge or judgment. The insolent conduct that accompanies them and is described here adds insult to injury, and indicates that they have become expendable citizens. What is this silence?"