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The leaders of the United Right and New Right factions reached a final agreement Monday afternoon on a united list for the upcoming elections in September. The agreement was reached after hours of non-stop negotiations.

According to the outline published by the parties, the composition of the technical bloc will be as follows, with the New Right receiving four of the top ten spots, and six going to the National Union and Jewish Home:

1. Ayelet Shaked (New Right)

2. Rabbi Rafi Peretz (United Right - Jewish Home)

3. Minister Bezalel Smotrich (United Right - National Union)

4. Naftali Bennett (New Right)

5. Moti Yogev (United Right - Jewish Home)

6. Ofir Sofer (United Right - National Union)

7. Matan Kahana (New Right)

8. Idit Silman (United Right - Jewish Home)

9. Roni Sassover (New Right)

10. Orit Strook (United Right - National Union)

11. New Right

12. New Right

13. United Right

14. United Right

15. New Right

16. United Right

17. New Right

18. United Right

19. New Right

20. United Right

The following principles were also agreed:

1. The faction will conduct the coalition negotiations with Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to bring about the establishment of a right-wing government under his leadership.

2. The integration of Otzma Yehudit and other right-wing parties will be done on the basis of reserved spots within the Likud, and in accordance with the demands of Itamar Ben-Gvir and later on in the agreement reached in the last elections.

3. The partners agree to work towards the the enactment of a 'Norwegian law' to allow ministers to resign from the Knesset to make room for other party members.