Gantz and Blue and White leadership
Gantz and Blue and White leadership Photo by Gili Yaari/Flsh90

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz is changing strategy ahead of the upcoming elections and has decided not to attack Prime Minister Netanyahu on a personal level, but rather only his job.

Sources close to Gantz say that it is important for him to be perceived as “stately” as well as not to close the door on the possibility of sitting in a Netanyahu-led government, despite his statements that he will not sit with the prime minister even under the current suspicions against him.

Israel Hayom reported that Gantz’s campaign strategy changed in accordance with the line envisioned by his new American adviser, Joel Benenson, for which the key word is “stateliness.”

The attempt to divert public focus from the rotation agreement with Yair Lapid over the prime ministerial position is also expected to continue during this election campaign.

Blue and White stated, “Gantz is leading a vision of respectful, unifying and stately discourse, but the campaign will be conducted with aggressive and to-the-point language that will emphasize the failures of the Netanyahu government over the past decade.”