The Lubarsky family
The Lubarsky family Eliran Baruch

Islam Naji, the terrorist who last year murdered Duvdevan Staff Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky, was sentenced Monday to a life sentence plus eight months in prison.

The judges also ruled that the family receive 258,000 NIS ($72,929) in compensation, but emphasized that the family can also file a civil suit against the terrorist.

Lubarsky's father Vladimir told news outlets that the sentence is a "disgrace and shame for Israeli law."

His brother, Arik, said: "We want something very simple. The State of Israel for many years already has been dealing with the cycle of bloodshed and with families of murderers, who already have five or six siblings in jail. We are looking for what will truly deter them, not that they should enter a jail that's like a summer camp. All the 'summer camps' need to end."

"We've seen that life sentences do not deter them, but the issue of money does deter them. So the State of Israel needs to change its approach to terror, and understand how terror works.

"We are continuing to demand the death penalty, the demolition of homes, large monetary fines, and a worsening of conditions in the jails, because only that will solve the problem of terrorism."

Former Defense Minister MK Avigdor Liberman, who chairs the Knesset's Yisrael Beytenu party, slammed the decision, emphasizing that "only the death penalty is the right and just punishment for this murder, which the horrible terrorist planned down to the last detail. It's a shame that for four years already, [Israeli] Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu has torpedoed our demand to legislate the death penalty for terrorists."

"The disgusting terrorist, who murdered Duvdevan Staff Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky, of blessed memory, will enter a jail in Israel and enjoy luxurious accommodations, and his family will receive a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority. If that's not enough, that same horrible terrorist will enter jail knowing that he may well be released in the next prisoner swap.

"Only the death penalty will do justice with the families of the murdered and with the nation of Israel."