Gaza border area
Gaza border area Hillel Meir/ TPS

Israel will plant trees near homes located in towns on the Israel-Gaza border, in order to protect the homes from incoming anti-tank missiles fired from Gaza, Channel 13 reported Tuesday night.

According to the report, senior Gaza Division officials, including a commander in the Southern Brigade, toured the Gaza border area and mapped out the towns which are under threat from Gazan anti-tank missiles and how to protect them.

The move is part of the Gaza Division's decision to reorganize the area's defense system following the death of Moshe Feder, who was killed by a missile earlier this year.

Last week, another terror tunnel = the eighteenth in the area - was discovered in southern Israel as the IDF built an underground fence to protect Israel. IDF soldiers are investigating the tunnel, its depth, where it led from and where it led to.

They are also investigating whether the tunnel is new, or whether it is an undiscovered tunnel from Operation Protective Edge.

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