The Lod District Court on Sunday handed 17 years in prison to Inna Skivanko, the Petah Tikva daycare assistant charged with killing 14-month-old Yasmin Vineta last year.

In addition to killing Vineta, Skivanko is charged with acting violently towards other children in the daycare center.

Skivanko also received 18 months of arrest on condition, and will pay 120,000 NIS ($33,913) in compensation.

Those present in the court began to cry when Judge Ami Kobo read the indictment: "The accused took responsibility for committing the crimes out of recognition of her actions. She was entrusted to care for helpless babies and she harmed their bodies and emotions before they had learned to express the harm done to them. There was never in Israel such a case of a daycare worker who killed a baby, as far as we know."

Yasmin's father responded angrily: "Seventeen years is nothing. She deserves sixty years. She killed my daughter."

The Prosecutor's Office responded: "This case was unique in its severity. The accused, who was entrusted with the safety and welfare of Yasmin, brought about her death with her actions. In addition, the accused breached the trust given to her by the parents of the children in the daycare, when she attacked the minors at many opportunities."

"The many years in prison which the accused received express the great severity with which the justice system sees the trend of violence towards helpless minors by those who are responsible for them."

Skivanko's attorney, Kobi Margolov, said: "No prison sentence will be able to bring Yasmin, obm, back to life, and no compensation will compensate for the loss. That is exactly the reason that Inna took responsibility for her actions from the beginning of the investigation and until the day the ruling was handed down. The court refused the State's demand to sentence her to 27 years in prison, instead reducing it to just 17 due to my client's age and impeccable history."