Uzi Dayan
Uzi Dayan Yoni Kempinski

Major General (res.) MK Uzi Dayan of the Likud party took part Thursday in the discussions of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Gaza periphery, where he warned that the "Pandora's Box" of Hamas rule in Gaza needed to be closed.

"The picture that emerges requires an immediate response to an emergency," Dayan said. "First of all, on the strategic level, parallel to the defensive response, to promote the offensive side, Hamas is not part of any solution, it is the problem that needs to be dealt with."

"Second - on the organizational level - improved coordination between the bodies. In addition, in all the issues that arose today - economic, security and social - we must adopt a policy of 'responsibility in exchange for responsibility.'

"Thirdly - the technological level - it is possible to deal with the balloons and firebombs in a way that will not reach our territory and I undertake to deal with it."

Earlier on Thursday, Hamas threatened Israel after one of the terror group's "security officers" neared the Gaza-Israel border and took a bullet from the IDF.

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