Bennett Yisrael Bardugo

Former Education Minister and New Right party chairman Naftali Bennett said his party would seek to form a temporary election alliance with other factions on the Right to ensure their entry into the Knesset, but emphasized that his party would remain independent, and would separate after the September elections.

Speaking on Radio 103FM Monday morning, Bennett said that despite failing to enter the 21st Knesset, he had no regrets about splitting from the Jewish Home.

In a veiled criticism of some on the Right, Bennett touted the New Right faction as the “sane Right”.

“I’m happy and confident and believe in the New Right’s path, that is, the liberal right-wing, the sane Right, and a right-wing whose Judaism looks to bring people closer; a right-wing that’s strong on defense, but without constant fighting against the other side, rather one that is just interested in promoting our values.”

Bennett went on to say he would support the formation of a ‘technical bloc’ - a temporary alliance to ensure several parties enter the Knesset – but suggested he is not interested in a more permanent union.

“I think that the big lesson to be learned is that we need to create technical alliances in order to ensure that we get into the Knesset nicely.”

“I like to compare it to two people who get on the bus together – they agree on basic principles – but when they get past the checkpoint, they get off the bus and go their separate ways.”

Turning to the possibility that Ayelet Shaked could again run with the New Right, Bennett said he was hopeful she would remain with the party, but no final decision had been made.

“I believe and hope that [she will], but at the end of the day it is her decision where she will run in these elections.”

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