A German far-right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD) was accused of incitement to racism after publishing a video on its Twitter account on Thursday documenting the violence of Muslim immigrants in a water park in the city of Stuttgart.

However, a review of the video showed that the fight actually took place at the Yamit 2000 Park in Holon, Israel.

In the video, youths were seen attacking security guards and throwing chairs at them. However, instead of the original soundtrack, the voice of party's deputy chairman, Beatrice von Struch is heard, as she presents the incident as it took place on German soil and was carried out by Muslim immigrants to Germany. "Stuttgart, 50 hooligans. Police operation against rioting youths, attacks on lifeguards," von Struch narrates.

There actually was a fight in the pool in Stuttgart last weekend, but the video didn't share it.

Sharp-eyed viewers noticed that the words on the security guards' shirts were not in German or English and following inquiries it was discovered that the words were Hebrew. "It was dumb of the party, we're not stupid," wrote one of the party's supporters in response to the video.

In the wake of the many comments mocking the party, the video was removed and replaced with a different one.

The background of the scuffle in Holon is unknown but many Israeli news reports said it was a conflict between security guards and "residents of East Jerusalem" or "Arabs."