The Norwegian Cruise Line on Tuesday announced its kosher menu, which will be offered free to anyone requesting kosher food on any of the company's cruise ships.

Glatt kosher food will also be available.

The new menu will be catered by Borenstein Caterers and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). Meals will include a first course, main course, two side dishes, and dessert, and meal options will include meat, chicken, and fish.

Kosher meals must be ordered at least 30 days before the cruise begins, and passengers will be able to choose their menu for each day of the cruise when they place their order. Each meal is served sealed and with personal dishes.

Shabbat (Sabbath) meals include special challahs (braided bread) and a choice of kosher red or white wine, which will be available in a bottle or cup.

The meals will be available in the ships' cafeterias.

On holidays, the company will decorate the ships and offer special holiday meals to those signing up ahead of time, and on Pesach (Passover), matzah will be available. The ships will also offer a private room for those wishing to pray or light Shabbat and holiday candles.

"Today, we are setting a new standard in the cruise industry," Norwegian Cruise Line Vice President Nick Wilkinson said. "From now on, kosher, rich, and varied food will be part of the culinary experience we offer our guests."

"More and more Israeli families choose to vacation on our cruise ships, and we see great importance in offering appropriate solutions for our kosher-observing customers from Israel and around the world. Our decision to offer high-quality kosher meals at no extra cost is proof of the great importance we attribute to this market and to the great potential it has."