Amir Peretz at election headquarters
Amir Peretz at election headquarters Credit: Public relations

MK Amir Peretz, one of the three candidates for the leadership of the Labor Party, held a conference on Sunday in anticipation of the party's primaries which will take place on Tuesday.

Peretz and the party's staff reviewed their preparations for election day at the event, attended by past and present supporters, ministers and MKs.

Peretz spoke, saying: "I tell you here and now, if I'm the Labor Party chairman, Bibi will no longer be prime minister."

"All the data show that the Labor Party under my leadership will jump to 15 seats, four of which will come from the right-wing bloc," Peretz said. "This is our empowerment and how we'll bring victory to the center-left camp."

"I asked Amar Barlev to prepare the negotiating team for action on Wednesday All the possibilities for joining with other parties and people will be on the table without preconditions, with the state's best interests as the only factor," Peretz added.