Likud Yoni Kempinski

Labor Party veteran and former Finance Minister Avraham “Beiga” Shochat slammed Netanyahu's supporters and voters as "rabid puppies."

Shochat made the remarks in an interview he gave to Shalom Kitel on “Kan," in which he criticized Netanyahu's economic policy and later also the prime minister's political outlook and personal conduct.

As for the political issue, Shochat stated that all the parties have already crossed the Rubicon on the issue of two states in one way or another and "are not in the delusional world of the extreme right ruled by Smotrich and Ben-Gvir and extremist people in the Likud who do not believe in any solution and do not allow any agreement with the Palestinians."

He said that while there is now some American agreement to such statements, "all things must pass," and he believes that the current White House tone will also come to an end..

He later described Netanyahu's supporters as "rabid puppies," adding that he did not want to express himself in an extreme or sharp manner. "I do not know if I will not regret this statement," Shochat said when Kitel noted that the sentence is sharp in and of itself.

According to Shochat, Knesset members and ministers such as Ofir Akunis, Mickey Zohar, Miri Regev and others stand behind "every statement Bibi says, no matter how crazy it is."