Benny Gantz and PM Netanyahu
Benny Gantz and PM Netanyahu Flash 90

The Likud party has strongly denied media reports claiming Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered Blue and White leader Benny Gantz a rotation for the role of prime minister.

Netanyahu, in fact, has not contacted Gantz at all, the party clarified.

Earlier Wednesday, Reshet Bet claimed the Likud had renewed its offer to have Gantz serve part of the term as prime minister, if he agreed to support canceling the elections.

Such an offer would essentially constitute a repeat of Netanyahu's offer to form a unity government, which he extended just prior to the Knesset's dissolution.

"No offer of a rotation was made to the Blue and White party," Likud's MK Miki Zohar said. "This seems to be nothing more than a spin of theirs."

However, he added, "We are not ruling out anything that would prevent these elections. We need to consider everything, but if there will be a rotation or not - this I don't know."

Gantz as well has denied receiving such an offer from the Likud.

Economy Minister Eli Cohen (Shas) told Kan Bet: "We see the Blue and White leaders coming out against this initiative. I will just mention that they lost the elections, and now if they are offered partnership, national unity, it would be proper for them to say, 'Lets sit and talk, and hear what you have to say.'"

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