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Education Minister MK Rabbi Rafi Peretz addressed this evening at a ceremony at the Orot Israel College claims by the Otzma Yehudit party that he violated the agreement he signed with them.

"Unfortunately we're accused of not honoring agreements; we very much honor agreements, we want and are interested in uniting the ranks," said Peretz.

"There is a so-called Norwegian Law whereby we planned to resign so that others will enter the Knesset, but it doesn't come into effect for other legal reasons that don't allow it to be put into practice. It's unfortunate, but I repeat the door isn't closed to anyone; we are all together.

In his speech, Peretz attacked the conference in Bahrain being held while the area adjacent to Gaza continues to burn. "Unfortunately, when I come home, and when I get out early in the morning, I see the burnt fields; I see it: Today there are 14 fires, yesterday there were 15 fires, a monument to the helicopter disaster burned yesterday that was in memory of the children who fell in the disaster. It pains my heart.

"Meanwhile this evening in Bahrain they're talking about all kinds of air-conditioned agreements, we need to know that nothing will move until we defeat Hamas and we cause them to stop with all this cruelty, burning our fields and this perverse attitude," he added.

In the course of the speech, Peretz expounded on how he sees educators in Israel, "First and foremost, those who engage in education must believe in their students, and believe that they're capable, especially that they're worthy, that they're deserving, and no matter where you look everywhere in every school, every student you meet, you know he's worthy of being a great leader and releasing our unique Israeli characteristic from within him, and our job is to help him bring this from potential to reality."

Rabbi Rafi Peretz: We respect agreements (Hebrew):

הרב רפי פרץ: אנחנו מכבדים הסכמים

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