Help expand the world of Torah in the City of our Forefathers: As part of the large fundraising initiative of the Shavei Hevron Yeshiva, yeshiva head Rabbi Chananel Etrog spoke at Beit Romano, a 150-year-old building that was enlarged for the yeshiva, about what makes the yeshiva special: "One of the unique aspects of the yeshiva is that it's not looking for what's unique about it. We try to grow and find out what's inside us. This is our truth and this is the blessing; and we see it on the faces of the alumni."

Yeshiva Executive Director Dovi Weiss describes the historical continuum of Jewish hold in the city: "Throughout history there's been a record of Jewish pilgrimage to Hevron: the Rambam, the Ramban, and during all the most difficult periods. There were also Jews here in the Second Temple. There are mikvahs and synagogues here in Hevron. We're growing in this place and we'll continue to grow."

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