Screenshot from recording of break-in
Screenshot from recording of break-in Police spokesperson



A 36-year-old man was indicted Monday for his involvement in a burglary in Rishon Letzion in late May.

During the burglary, the suspect and several other burglars broke into an apartment on Jerusalem Street in Rishon Letzion via a window, stealing laptop computers, a backpack, wrist watches, and cash.

After a criminal complaint was filed, investigators using security camera footage found that three burglars had been involved in the break in, with one suspect searching the apartment for goods and tossing them down to his accomplices as they waited near the window.

The security camera footage also revealed that the suspect had been injured when he jumped out of the window.

Police collected a blood sample from the pipe the suspect had fallen on, and managed to use it in their efforts to identify the suspect.

Earlier this month, police apprehended the suspect, leading to his indictment today.

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