Gaza Muslim violence
Gaza Muslim violenceFlash 90

The Islamic organizations in the Gaza Strip threaten to escalate violence along the border fence with Israel and to use "harsh measures," meaning, weapons such as explosive devices and infiltration attempts to Israeli territory.

Based on a Gaza source, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported the Gaza Islamic organizations informed the Egyptian mediator their patience had been exhausted by what they called Israeli "procrastination" in implementing understandings between the parties to the truce, and of their decision to escalate violence along the border fence.

According to the report, Egypt asked the Gaza organizations to maintain calm until General Intelligence officers arrived in Gaza to continue the talks, and at the same time pledged to pressure Israel to comply with Gaza demands in coming days.

In this context, the Qatari mediator informed Hamas that he had obtained Israel's agreement to transfer an additional sum of money, and that in a few days he would expect a delegation of technical experts to discuss operation of the new electricity line to put an end to electricity crises in the Gaza Strip.