Shira Raban
Shira Raban Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

On Tuesday night, attorney Yossi Cohen interrogated Shira Raban, the haredi woman who is suing Sara Netanyahu for "abuse," asking her if her phone was rabbinically approved, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Many haredim own "kosher phones," which use a special program approved by the sector's rabbis and which allows only certain applications, not including text messages.

Raban, however, claims she texted her sister at the end of at least one workday, complaining about Sara's treatment of her. She also claims to have been forced to change clothes 20-35 times each day, for a total of over 2 hours daily spent changing clothes, Walla! noted.

Raban worked a total of 13 under Sara Netanyahu, and met Sara only a handful of times for a few minutes each, always in the presence of other employees.

When Cohen pointed out that Raban "does not have a kosher phone," Raban responded that her phone "has no internet" and said "some rabbis permit this. It only has phone calls and texts."

When Cohen asked if she has written proof of being allowed to use a "non-kosher" phone, Raban responded, "I can bring you written permission from my rabbi."

Cohen also asked Raban, "Who told you to declare that you washed hands hundreds of times?"

"I was forced to wash my hands a lot," she responded. She also said she did not go to a psychiatrist to deal with the "emotional damage" caused to her by Sara Netanyahu, since she "saw that it was slowly getting better."

"You still have an opportunity to apologize and say, 'I'm admitting to all these lies, I'm dragging this suit out,'" Cohen reminded her. "There's a judge in Heaven and there's a judge down here too."