The number of women availing themselves of fertility treatments in Israel is growing, especially in the forty-plus crowd, when the chance of achieving pregnancy drops significantly.

However, according to Israel Hayom, the success rates of fertility treatments among younger women is rising, and the number of twin and triplet pregnancies is dropping.

Israel Hayom reported that nationwide IVF statistics for 2017-2018 showed that one out of every five IVF treatments, or 21%, ended in a birth. However, only 13.8% of births were to two or more babies.

Women under age 35 have a 33% chance of achieving pregnancy after just one treatment, while women ages 35-39 have a 23% chance of success. At age 40, the chance of success drops to 16%, and then to 11% at age 41, 8% at 42, 5% at 43, and 3% at 44.

The statistics for women under age 35 parallel those of other Western countries.

Israel is one of the only countries which subsidizes fertility treatments for women under age 45.