Halibli family with Rivling family.
Halibli family with Rivling family. Credit: Mark Neiman/GPO

There was an especially moving meeting on Thursday between the Rivlin family and the family of Yair Halibli, whose lung Nechama Rivlin received as a transplant. Yair’s brother Nisai and his sister Amit visited the President's Residence and were received with warm hugs by the president and his children, who met the family members for the first time.

The president had spoken with Amit and her mother Shari on the day of the transplant by phone in March and expressed his hopes that the families could all meet together with Nechama when she recovered from the complex operation. Instead, Yair’s brother and sister came to offer their condolences to the Rivlin family following Nechama's passing on Tuesday.

“We are one family now,” said the president to Nisai and Amit, adding “please tell your parents I would be glad to meet them. It’s important to me. Your brother and our Nechama are now together. And he was with her all the time. He gave her great strength. Please send your parents our thanks from the bottom of our hearts and our great appreciation."

Yair’s mother Shari said about Nechama's passing, “Nechama has passed away, an understated woman who shared that characteristic with Yair. Rest in peace together with my wonderful son.”