May Golan
May Golan Hadas Parush/Flash 90

MK May Golan (Likud) participated on Wednesday at the Chovevei Zion and Arutz Sheva conference in Jerusalem and discussed the early election that was called in Israel.

“The Prime Minister did everything he could [to prevent elections]. There was a person whose goal it was to prevent a government headed by Binyamin Netanyahu from being formed. What the Prime Minister did, and I am proud of him for it, is not to surrender to blackmail. And I’m truly proud of him for that, even though it endangers me,” said Golan.

Golan, who was moved down to the #34 spot on the Likud Knesset list after Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu party joined the Likud, said she does not think she will not make it in to the next Knesset.

“I think that the citizens of the State of Israel understand that they cannot vote for smaller parties anymore, so that we do not return to this very difficult and frustrating place, where we are blackmailed not only by interested parties, but by policies that are not ours,” she said.

Asked if she would like to see Ayelet Shaked join the Likud, Golan replied, “I believe that anyone whose opinion is part of the national camp, who is a right-wing person, is invited to join the Likud. I also call on Moshe Feiglin to join the Likud, as well as Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked. Anyone who wants is invited to come and run in the Likud, just like the rest of us.”

On the issue of a possible unity government with Benny Gantz being formed after the September election, Golan said, “I personally do not see such a government. I think that anyone who is not a partner to the opinions of the national camp and anyone who doesn’t want to stabilize this country’s policy and restore the balance between the authorities, which has been severely and grossly violated in recent times, cannot form a government. I also do not see a reason to do it. There is a right-wing, stable, strong government here. This is the will of the people and that is what will be.”

Watch the interview with May Golan (in Hebrew):

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