Shelly Yachimovich
Shelly YachimovichEsti Dazyobov, TPS

Labor MK Shelly Yachimovich on Monday slammed United Right MK Bezalel Smotrich, claiming that his Jerusalem Day speech represents a threat to humanity.

On Sunday, Smotrich said, "We want the justice portfolio, because we want to return the Torah to its foundation."

"His shocking words are a flashing light warning of the wave of conservatism washing over us from some parts of the right," Yachimovich said.

"According to the vision of a candidate for the Justice or Education Ministry, a state will be created in which a man can divorce his wife for not being modest enough. Slavery and stonings will return, homosexuality will be banned, and only men will be allowed to own property.

"The fact that Smotrich and his friends are not marginalized dreamers but people who hold influential positions is an enormous threat to human freedom and the enlightened age," she added.