Sigal Sofer and her daughter Tahel
Sigal Sofer and her daughter Tahel Hagit Yusefi

Sigal Sofer, the mother of Tahel, who was seriously wounded by a Molotov cocktail that terrorists threw at her family car about three and a half years ago, arrived today, Tuesday, for a hearing in the trial of one member of the terrorist cell.

"We came to the court for the first time to testify against the despicable terrorist, three and a half years after he and three of his friends threw at us two Molotov cocktails that penetrated our vehicle and started a fire in the car.

"Our three-year-old daughter, Tahel, was burned all over the back of her body and was in the hospital, and is undergoing a very long rehabilitation process. To this day, she and her siblings who were in the car need a lot of psychological help to get back to normal."

Sigal said that this is the second time that they have been hit by terror: "This is the second time that we have been hit and experienced this evil and hatred towards the Jewish people. We came here and it is not simple, it is very difficult to stand up to this thing, but I felt that I owed it to myself, to Tahel and the family, to come one time and properly relate what happened, because it cannot be that we look back terrified wherever we go and they go on with their daily lives, and continue to murder us and harm us.”

Regarding the expected plea bargain whereby the terrorist will receive 17 years in prison, Sigal said, "I understand that this is what the court decided. I came here to say that we have to be harsh with them as much as possible and, if possible, even a death sentence for a terrorist who tries to murder a Jew is the solution for them. One or two times [the sentence is carried out] and they will stop hurting us, they will understand."

When asked about Tahel, she smiled: "Tahel is a sweet, happy girl. I just say her name and I smile. A very opinionated girl who wants to know everything, now she is in first grade and her body is still heavily scarred, it is apparently a ‘gift’ that will remain with her for life. She struggles and talks about what she's been through and we embrace and love her."

Sigal said she is not giving up and continues to travel to all the places in the country: "We went to Beit El and we will continue to travel if necessary. We have a married child in Kiryat Arba, with G-d’s help we will also continue to travel to him. Life goes on, they will not bring us down. In Gush Katif, we continued after going through the first tough incident, and we will continue now to the same extent."

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