Netanyahu speaks during cabinet meeting
Netanyahu speaks during cabinet meeting Emil Salman/Flash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting this morning, Sunday, addressing the Eurovision Song Contest held in Tel Aviv yesterday, and congratulated the Israeli representative, Kobi Marimi.

"Like many people in the world, I watched yesterday during Kobi Marimi's impressive performance," Netanyahu said. "Kobi, I want to tell you that you excited us with your excitement, you represented us with respect and we all embrace you."

"On the same subject, a few weeks ago, the Dutch prime minister called me and congratulated me on winning the election and said, 'In a few weeks you will call me to congratulate me on the victory of the Netherlands at Eurovision.' I do not know how he knew but he was right, so congratulations to Holland and next year In Amsterdam," he added.

Netanyahu also congratulated the Australian prime minister on his victory in the elections, even though all the polls predicted his failure. "For some reason, he defined it as a miracle, so Scott - congratulations and I do not know what you're talking about."

Addressing coalition-forming talks, he said, "Unfortunately the parties still have their heads in the clouds. I hope that the way to bring them down to the ground will soon be found so that together we can establish a stable and strong government for the State of Israel that will continue to lead the country to new achievements," Netanyahu said.

"המפלגות עדיין על צמרות העצים"

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