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Following the wave of Muslim immigration to Austria and the fact that many of the immigrants did not integrate into Austrian society, Austrian government heads intend to formulate a Ten Commandments-like list of social prerequisites that immigrants will be required to comply with if they wish to immigrate to the country, German newspaper Welt reported.

According to reports in the Austrian media, the ten new rules will include: Learn German, obey Austrian law, adopt "Austrian values" and raise children accordingly, resolve conflicts nonviolently, respect religious freedom, prevent "unnecessary" suffering to animals, and express thanks and appreciation to Austria.

Austria's Parliament building in Vienna
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The new standards of behavior will be distributed to those wishing to immigrate to Austria in the courses they will need to pass, which will be given in 15 languages. Austria will even require immigrants to sign the new rules to obtain permission to emigrate to the country.

If they meet their obligations, they will be presented with a document to serve as a constant reminder of the ten rules they are obliged to obey, together with their new Austrian residence permits.

The initiative to issue the "Ten Rules for an Immigrant" came from the Austrian Freedom Party that takes a very tough line against immigration to the country and opposes opening the gates to immigrants. Immigration and Asylum Policy Minister Gottfried Waldhäusl had previously set up a detention facility for immigrants near the Czech border that was severely criticized for its conditions and was subsequently closed.