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The joint operations room of the Palestinian Arab “resistance” organizations on Saturday night issued a statement warning Israel against a "foolish" move in its continued "aggression" in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian organizations stressed that they would continue to serve as the shield of the Palestinian people and land, and that they are closely monitoring the behavior of the "Zionist enemy" and the extent of its commitment to stop the "aggression."

The organizations also noted that they would respond to Israeli "aggression" according to its characteristics.

On Saturday, the Palestinian organizations claimed responsibility for the shelling of "Zionist enemy bases and colonization in the Gaza envelope" in response to the spilling of the blood of the Palestinian people by Israel and the "targeted killing" of fighters in military positions in the Gaza Strip on Friday.

The rocket fire followed the incident on Friday in which an IDF officer and a female soldier were wounded after shots were fired at Israeli soldiers along the Gaza border in southern Israel.

In response to the shooting, IDF aircraft attacked a military post belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, eliminating two Hamas terrorists.

Over 300 rockets have been fired at Israel since Saturday morning. Rockets have fallen in Hof Ashkelon, Ofakim, Kiryat Gat, and Sderot.

Dozens of rockets have been intercepted so far.

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