FBI agent. Illustration
FBI agent. Illustration צילום: istock

The FBI revealed on Monday that it had received a warning about the Poway synagogue shooter five minutes before he carried out a deadly shooting attack.

On Saturday, during morning services, John T. Earnest opened fire on worshippers at the Chabad of Poway, killing one and wounding three, including the synagogue's rabbi and an eight-year-old girl.

The FBI had received a warning about Earnest minutes before the attack, but did not have enough time to locate the suspect.

Short;y before the attack was carried out Earnest posted an anti-Semitic manifesto on the 8-Chan board, an online community notorious for hosting extremists. In his manifesto Earnest accused the Jewish people of seeking to destroy the European race, accused President Trump of being controlled by Jews, and vowed to post a live-stream on Facebook of an attack on a Jewish target.