Netanyahu and Liberman
Netanyahu and Liberman Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Commentator Raviv Drucker (News 13) spoke on Radio 103FM on the progress of the coalition negotiations and addressed the pressure that Netanyahu is expected to face from [MK] Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) and [MK] Bezalel Smotrich (Union of Right-Wing Parties).

Netanyahu will form a government or do you see a landmine?

"The three of us identify the same landmine and it's Avigdor Liberman. Every time the daily toasts begins at Balfour (the street of the Prime Minister's residence) on the failure of Bennett and Shaked to pass the threshold, he's signalling to Netanyahu that he's insisting on the Western Wall outline, the conversion law and wants to separate state from religion. If I was in Netanyahu's place, I would start to feel nervous."

You don't think Smotrich will cause problems because he won't get the Justice Ministry?

Smotrich has to consider the population who voted for him. He won't be able to face them if he destroys a right-wing government. Liberman's supporters probably wouldn't be so angry about it. Liberman brought about a magnificent failure in these elections. It's the most successful failure in Israeli politics because he holds the veto and can do what he wants. Suddenly, every topic will be the most sacred in the world for him."

I don't know how to decipher Lieberman, I don't know if he's playing around or he's plotting something.

"Anyone who says that he wants the outline of the Western Wall as it was formulated understands that he won't be able to accept it. There's no forecast for this man."

If he sticks to his guns, there will be a dead end and there will be no government and in my estimation, Lieberman won't have another round in the next elections.

"He can also demand to bring in Blue and White. That's his only option. And then he can tell Blue and White that if they don't enter, he'll enter and give up all his principles or he'll decide that he'll be the secular faction in the Likud."

Kahlon is joining the union?

The Kahlon that I'm hearing about is a bit different - he's a bit angry and bitter. Netanyahu offered him a merger already on the eve of the elections and that's the reasonable way for him to continue his political career. But it's hard for him to accept that he'll go back to being a salaried employee."

The state comptroller's report was published.[Culture and Sports Minister] Miri Regev invited only people related to her ministry or to Likud to last year's torch lighting ceremony.

"There's an amusing section in the report about how the torchbearers were chosen and why there was no discussion in the committee and how someone was elected that the committee disqualified. The response of the Culture Ministry was that they had no time. As if the 70th Independence Day chanced on the State of Israel as a surprise. They tried to hold a conference call but it didn't work out for "technical reasons." So she only invited people connected to her ministry, the Likud or the Prime Minister's office. Disgusting."

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