Kaliver Rebbe with his grandson seated next to him
Kaliver Rebbe with his grandson seated next to him Flash 90

Thousands of participants took part in the funeral procession of the Kaliver Rebbe on Sunday, who passed away at the age of 96.

During the funeral procession, Rabbi Yitzchak Bronstein, a disciple of the Rebbe, announced that according to the will, the Rebbe's step-grandson Rabbi Yisrael Mordechai Yoel Horowitz will continue his path.

The new Rebbe is only 28 years old, but is considered to be a genius in Torah, and serves as the head of the Kaliver Torah institutions throughout Israel. Over the past year, he has managed to raise huge sums for the Kaliver institutions that were in danger of collapse.

Earlier, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu eulogized the Kaliver Rebbe. "I express deep sorrow over the passing of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub, the Kaliver Rebbe," Netanyahu said in a statement. "The Rebbe survived the horrors of the Holocaust and dedicated himself to rebuilding the world of Torah in the state of Israel and among the Jewish diaspora."

"At the same time, he was tirelessly engaged in enshrining the memory of the Holocaust, especially the triumph of the impressive spirit in the ghettos and camps. The passing of the Kaliver Rebbe close to Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day strengthens our eternal commitment – to remember and not forget. May his memory be blessed," Netanyahu concluded.