Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben Gvir Flash 90

The Likud Party is in contact with Adv. Itamar Ben-Gvir (United Right) regarding the possibility of his appointment as opposition representative to the Judicial Selection Committee.

Ben-Gvir, who is in seventh place on the United Right list, is expected to enter the Knesset after the establishment of the government and legislation of the “Norwegian Law” whereby the two United Right ministers will resign from the Knesset and allow Ben-Gvir and Orit Struck to enter.

In a conversation with Israel Hayom, Ben-Gvir said he had not yet decided that he would go to the opposition. "It's true that I have different red lines than the members of the list," he explained. "For example, the issue of the evacuation of Amona, during which Smotrich remained in the coalition and I would not have let it pass quietly, but first you have to see the government's basic guidelines, and only then decide."

"From the point of view of the leftists, the place in the Judicial Selection Committee is reserved for them, but the people of Israel want a fundamental change in the judicial system.

These elections were about required change, and the people had its say. We won’t get into the positions I will receive and the existing agreements, which I assume will be honored, but I imagine that it is clear to everyone that when a lawyer with great experience is appointed to the Knesset, it is only natural that he will deal with the legal field and help the legal system to make the necessary change," added Ben-Gvir.

The Judicial Selection Committee consists of three Supreme Court justices, two ministers, two representatives of the Israel Bar Association and two MKs from both the opposition and the coalition.